After registration and the payment of the weekly subscription of the chosen level on Masterquiz. Select the level you have access to and start a quiz. Ten questions are waiting to be answered. Earn points per correct answer, use all your 12 attempts per level. Collect the most points of the week to get into the Top 10. Only the Top 10 will earn a cash out according to their points.
All questions covers different categories, so try your knowledge.
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MasterQuiz is an Online Quiz with reward. Do you belong to proven the people, who would like to earn some money from home comfortably? With our online platform MasterQuiz you now have an excellent alternative to make this possible. Many people are looking for a serious homework, according to the motto: Earn money on the Internet, but unfortunately there are many black sheep among them. The deposited amounts are often "just gone" and the dream of earning some money burst. Not so on MasterQuiz.

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Why MasterQuiz?

MasterQuiz is the only platform where you can earn money with your knowledge. Come and join us. Learn 'n' Earn.


MasterQuiz Nigeria Ltd is a registered company in Nigeria. Our vision is a better world, a better place to live. Our aim is to create sustainable and social way of life. We strive for prosperity by creating work, knowledge and power. Knowledge is important in any society, the more a society knows the powerful it is. We want to improve living in Nigeria in any possible way. We are continuously looking for partners worldwide to get closer to our goal. A society cannot grow without work, that is the reason why we move further every single day. We are willing to give back valuable things to the people.
With MasterQuiz all these aims are achievable.

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