Terms and Conditions


The MASTERQUIZ NIG LTD (following as operator) runs the website www.masterquiz.ng on the basis of terms and conditions listed below the online skill game "MASTERQUIZ".

Participation conditions

MASTERQUIZ is a multiple-choice online quiz. The participant will be asked questions of different topics. There are always four possible answers, one of them is correct. The aim of the game is to answer all questions correctly or to achieve the highest possible points.
If the participant fails to answer the question correctly, the game is over at this point.
MASTERQUIZ is a pure skill game that has no luck elements. Only the knowledge and skill of the participant decide on success or failure. The participant has the possibility to test the game principle and the functionality in a free trial, after registration and just once.

Registration and membership

If the participant wants to play for real money, a registration is required. There is an age restriction for the registration, playing is only allowed from age of 16 years.

By registering, the participant confirms that,

a) he/she is aware that playing is only permitted from the age of 16 years.
b) he/she is a citizen of Nigeria.
c) he/she is in a position to conclude a legally binding agreement with the operator.
d) he will not play any games in a state where participation in games of skill for money is prohibited.
e) the money paid by him/her to the user account belongs to him/her and does not come from a criminal or other illegal activity.
f) he/she knows that he/she can lose money by participating in MASTERQUIZ.

As part of the registration, the participant is required to complete the information required in full and truthfully. Should the data given during the registration change, the operator must be informed immediately.
If the Participant makes misleading, incorrect or incomplete information, the Operator reserves the right to close the Membership Account for an important reason. Achieved
points and existing credit expire.

Only one-member account may be created per participant. Multiple registrations are not allowed. The operator reserves the right to block the player accounts concerned and to exclude the participant from further participation. The participant may not pass on his access data to third parties or otherwise give access to his account to a third party. In the event of infringement, the participant bears all the consequences resulting therefrom and indemnifies the operator from any resulting damages. For paid-in funds, the participant receives no interest.
The operator reserves the right to refuse the registration of a participant in its sole discretion and without giving reasons.


Once registration is complete, the participant is able to recharge his account with in-game coins by buying Kauri packages. For this purpose, various means of payment and recharge amounts are available.

a) monetary gains

When playing, the participant can win real money, precondition he/she reaches the TOP 10 ranking after a week (7days). How high the cash prize is, depending on how many points the other participants in the TOP 10 together have.
The participants in the TOP 10 ranking will receive their shares between 2-4 days, since the ranking as being reset.

b) loss

If the participant is not in the TOP 10 after a week (7 days).


Payments are processed by the operator as soon as possible in order of TOP 10 ranking and are usually completed within 2-4 working days. The payment will be made to participant bank account.
Due to regulatory requirements to avoid money laundering, we are obliged to verify the bank account of the participant via BVN (Bank verification number) of the payment.

If there is a reasonable suspicion of fraudulent use of a membership, the operator reserves the right to withhold payments until the final clarification for a reasonable period of time.

Account closure

A closure of the player account can be requested via the contact form under the menu item "Customer Service".

Prohibition of abuse

The participant is prohibited from abusive behavior in connection with the website of the operator. These include in particular, an attempt to decompile the software used on the website or to develop software that interferes with the client-server communication used on the platform.

To use software that allows the use of artificial intelligence or provides the participant with any other advantage that goes beyond his human skill.
The operator uses visible and invisible technical mechanisms to detect or prevent abuse and manipulation. If the operator detects misuse or attempts to do so, the player account is immediately blocked and any existing credit frozen. Likewise, the participants expect a permanent exclusion of all web pages of the operator, as well as possibly criminal consequences.

The operator is not liable for game impairments, which are outside his sphere of influence.
This applies in particular to interruptions of the Internet connection of the subscriber to our server or the circumstance that the computer used by the subscriber does not provide enough computing power to execute the quiz software without error and interruption.


The content and works on these pages created by the site operators are subject to Nigeria copyright law. The reproduction, processing, distribution and any kind of exploitation outside the limits of copyright require a written consent of the respective author or creator.
Downloads and copies of this site are prohibited.


The operator is liable for culpable violations of a material contractual obligation, as well as for other damages caused by gross negligence or intent.
For a simple negligent breach of essential contractual obligations, the operator is only liable for the typical foreseeable damage. The liability of the operator in the event of death or for damage to body and health remains unaffected by these terms and conditions.

Data protection

Of course, the operator complies with the relevant provisions for the protection of the personal data of the game participant.

Applicable law

Only the law of the Federal Republic of Nigeria applies to this contract.
(Status: 30.12.2018)

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